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      DWK-C-360KW computerized temperature control equipment

      DWK-C type computer temperature control box used Taiwan brand industrial machine added dedicated hot processing software and the interface circuit, 15 inches LCD color explicit, software application window Windows technology, directly mouse Chinese entered, graphics picture color displayed, can and various ceramic electric heater supporting on metal component for overall or local heat treatment of temperature control, can advance set process temperature curve, automatic precise control rose, and cooling speed and the thermostat time. It has 6 independent circuits and 12 temperature points, also for up to 6 different heating of objects for control. Is currently the most advanced and practical temperature control equipment, 220V output according to user requirements, (0-220V), adjustable voltage
      Specifications: 120, 180, 240, 360KW output voltage: adjustable type 1 220V 2 0-220V
      Full metal components heat treatment equipment consists of three parts, namely ceramic electric heaters, temperature-controlled Cabinet and auxiliary materials.
      1. Ceramic electric heaters: heating elements, heat source when the workpiece is heated. Our company provides you with a variety of models and specifications, they have different characteristics, and performance are not the same. Like LCD, SCD rope-type of track-type heater heater, NJ-heat-frame heater, general user requirements according to heating the workpiece shape, thickness and the temperature value that you want to select.
      2. Temperature control box: is complete with ceramic electric heater, ceramic heater with power and control their working conditions so as to achieve the purpose of temperature control. Temperature control box is equipped with a temperature control device used to control, measure temperature and configuration of temperature logger for recording the temperature of the workpiece curves for user archiving records. At present, our company offers a variety of model specification temperature control box for the user, such as ZWK, WCK, RWK-Series intelligent temperature control box, DWK, TCS series computer temperature control box, LWK series temperature control box, user is required to type under the scope of heating, heating technology and site requirements to choose the ideal practical temperature control box.
      3. Auxiliary material: main has KJ type fast received long wire (temperature control box and heater between distance of connection line, also for 36V, and 55V, and 110V, heater series with, and distribution has fast received plug), and thermocouple (temperature sensor, for measurement was heating artifacts of temperature), and compensation wire (thermocouple and temperature control box between distance of connection line), and silicate aluminum high temperature insulation cotton (block heat distributed).
      Precautions for use:
      1, must have reliable earthing of the workpiece to be heated.
      2, heater when in use are not allowed to overlap.
      3, thermocouple echo artifacts put even reliable.
      1, width of the heater should be 8-12 times the thickness of the object to be heated.
      2, according to user needs to supply wire and cable, thermocouple, insulation materials and temperature control cabinets as well as capacitor welding apparatus.
      3, power error is 3%, shape tolerance is 2%.
      4, special specification can be specially ordered.

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